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Oil Gas Law

Brown Pruitt Wambsganss Dean Forman & Moore, P.C. offers experienced and effective representation in virtually all aspects of oil and gas transactions and litigation. Our Firm’s broad practice involves the purchase and sale of oil and gas properties, and transactions involving the ownership, operation, and production of oil and gas properties throughout Texas. Our Firm also handles disputes and litigation that arise during all phases of oil and gas exploration, development and production.

We routinely represent a wide variety of clients, including landowners, mineral owners, royalty owners, working interest owners, and oil and gas companies. Our landowner clients consist of business owners, real estate developers, homeowners’ associations, neighborhood associations, other groups of landowners, and individual urban and rural landowners. The Firm actively markets the landowners’ minerals to various oil and gas companies and their brokers to achieve the best possible leasing opportunities, benefits, and protections for our clients.

We also routinely represent landowners in condemnation and eminent domain proceedings involving pipelines and associated easements and land use issues.

Our attorneys have also given presentations to landowners, homeowners’ associations, neighborhood associations, churches, non-profit organizations, and business owners involving oil and gas matters, including rural and urban drilling within the Barnett Shale field around Fort Worth and throughout Texas.

Our clients routinely seek our assistance in navigating through complex oil and gas issues and resolving disputes both in and out of the courthouse. Typical matters handled by the Firm include:

  • Oil and Gas Leasing
  • Preparation and Negotiation of Mineral and Royalty Deeds
  • Royalty and Division Order Disputes, including underpayment claims and pricing disputes
  • Surface Use Disputes
  • Oil and Gas Lease Pooling and Unitization Disputes
  • Property Title Disputes
  • Pipeline Condemnation Disputes
  • Easement Negotiation and Litigation
  • Oil and Gas Lease Termination Litigation
  • Surface Damage Litigation

Brown Pruitt Wambsganss Ferrill & Dean, P.C. looks forward to assisting you in oil and gas matters.

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