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Family Law

Family law is the term applied to the laws and rules developed regarding relationships between family members and society as a whole. It is imperative that a delicate balance is maintained between all who are involved in family law matters, especially those regarding children. The attorneys of Brown Pruitt Wambsganss Dean Forman & Moore, P.C. are experienced in each area of family law, including divorce, marriage and relationship planning (including pre-marital and partition and exchange agreements), child custody, child support, paternity, enforcement, modification, and adoption (please see Adoption and Assisted Reproductive Law).

Although each of these areas offers its own complex blend of emotions and challenges, our attorneys can help you understand the basic issues involved in your particular case. Regarding divorce and custody issues, you will be given the information necessary to understand the custody and visitation options that are available to you, as well as custom-tailored advice dependant on the issues at hand. We understand the importance and delicacy of family relationships, and will strive to help you understand and meet the challenges ahead with confidence and trust.

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