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Many people believe that it is unnecessary to begin their estate planning until they have substantial assets or are ready for retirement. At Brown Pruitt Wambsganss Dean Forman & Moore, P.C. we encourage our clients to begin their estate planning as early as possible, particularly if they have children, own their own business or face potential financial liability in their profession. We believe that early and comprehensive planning for incapacity and death is essential. Not only does it provide our clients with peace of mind, it also gives them assurance that their needs will be properly met during their lives, and their wishes and intentions with regard to the distribution of their property will be fulfilled after death. A good estate plan can help our clients protect their assets, estate taxes, and coordinate their estate planning with their business succession, life insurance, and retirement plans. Most importantly a good estate plan allows our clients to provide for the care of their family members during their incapacity or after their death, including the care of their minor or disabled children. In all cases, we carefully counsel with our clients to create an estate plan specific to their needs and work closely with their financial and other professional advisors to ensure a comprehensive plan.

Our attorneys are experienced and capable of handling all facets of the estate planning process. Our services include the preparation of wills, lifetime trusts, testamentary trusts, premarital and postmarital agreements, cohabitation and property division agreements for unmarried couples, and family limited partnerships. We also prepare documents to allow our clients to appoint trusted persons or institutions to assist them with their financial and personal needs in the event of incapacity, including durable financial powers of attorney, durable medical powers of attorney, and designations of guardians if the need arises. We assist our clients in preparing for the care and maintenance of their minor or disabled adult children in the event of the client’s incapacity or death, including the preparation designations of guardians.

Additionally, our attorneys assist our clients in planning for the end of life, including preparing directives to physicians, also known as a living wills and designations of agents to make burial decisions. We can also assist with coordinating burial plans and organ donations.

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